"To any one looking to create an amazing event. My name is Denise Besler, I am the food and beverage manager at the Northern Lights Casino, in my capacity I arrange quality food services for any event in the city. I had the distinct pleasure a few times now working with Jennifer White who was the lead organizer for gala events with plated services over 350+. Jennifer had the vision of how each event would look and feel, she carefully chose decorations, food, table  designs   and her creative crafting of the room ambiance from entry to exit made one feel as though they were actually walking into a fine Paris experience or Winter Wonderland for the evening. I saw so many people during these events with big smiles as they looked around in awe. Jennifer shows great care in every detail and her organizational skills are to be  envied, anyone can have an event but Jennifer gives you much more, she creates a memorable experience. I look forward to working with Jennifer on her next masterpiece coming soon. Thank you Jennifer for the opportunity to work with you as it has so far been not only fun but amazing."


—  Denise Besler, Food & Beverage Manager - Northern Lights Casino



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